10 Questions to Ask Your Advisor Today

If you’ve read my blog or listened to my weekly radio show, you know that I take my role as a registered investment advisor seriously. You also know that not all advisors work the same way. Even if you are completely satisfied with yours, I encourage you to make the time to ask him or her these 10 questions:

  1. How are you compensated for your services?
  2. Do you earn a commission on products I invest in?
  3. What types of fees am I paying for my investments?
  4. Do you represent one company or multiple companies?
  5. What is your fiduciary responsibility to me?
  6. How do you select the investments you make on my behalf?
  7. How often do you review my portfolio and my gains and losses?
  8. What factors do you consider when deciding if it is time to shift my money from one investment to another?
  9. Are any of my investments guaranteed?
  10. How do these investments fit into my overall financial plan?

An advisor who truly has your best interests in mind will make time to answer these questions for you, as well as address any additional concerns you have.


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