Are you content losing money every year?

We are in the 12th year of a bear market, and many investors – people like you and me – have lost thousands of dollars. Following the 2008 crash, some investors have even had to push back their retirement date to compensate for big losses. Since that crash, some investors have found that they are exactly where they started.

As the market has ebbed and flowed, their money has too and the lucky ones haven’t lost any money or have experienced small gains (1 – 3%). If you are one of those people, are you happy with those results? Will those minimal gains help you reach your retirement goals? My guess is that you’ll say “no” to both of those questions.

The good news is that you don’t have to invest that way anymore. You don’t have to suffer the roller coaster of the stock market or force yourself to invest in traditional retail investment products to get comfortably to retirement. In fact, there is a much better way to reach, even exceed, your financial goals. How? By questioning conventional investment wisdom, holding your advisor accountable for investment decisions, and considering a range of guaranteed products where you can earn 6 to 8% returns on your investments.

With a small investment of your time, I can review your current plan and recent investment results and show you where you can save money in financial planning and investment fees as well as how to access quality investment products where your rate of return is guaranteed. Interested? Contact me to set up a time to talk by phone or in person. There is absolutely no obligation, and you are free to take my advice even if you choose to stay with your current advisor. Can you afford not to?


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