Why am I in this business?

At a time when the economy is tanking, people sometimes ask me why I am in this business. Why do I want to be an investment advisor and retirement income planner when the country’s financial future looks so bleak? I’ve asked myself that question many times in recent years, and the answer is always the same. I firmly believe that if investors have the right type of planner with the right education and experience, they can still achieve their financial goals.

That’s what brings me to the office every day – helping everyday people like you and me to safely invest and save our hard-earned money so that it will be there when we need it the most. For some of us, that means our kids’ college years; for others, it may be retirement or providing for our loved ones when we’re gone. No matter what your financial goals, they are achievable.

Though so many planners have gotten discouraged with the volatility of the stock market, I don’t feel discouraged at all. I am still optimistic, because I know that financial planning strategies exist that will allow your money to achieve growth in the 6 to 8 percent range in a risk-free environment. Your money doesn’t have to be at the mercy of mutual funds or the stock market. There are other investment vehicles available.

I also know that, with a solid financial plan tailored to your unique needs, that retirement is not just a dream. It is a reality. That’s why I am in this business. Financial success can be a reality; it can be your reality with the right tools and plan.


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