“Hope” is not a successful retirement strategy

If you’ve ever heard my weekly radio show or talked to me for any length of time, you know I don’t subscribe to many of the popular myths about the stock market or financial planning. I believe we have to change how we think about our money and how we manage it to stay afloat and to successfully plan for retirement. I follow economic trends, I talk to experts like Harry Dent and I stay up-to-date on financial news — all with a critical eye. I am not satisfied to allow my clients to “hope” they’ll have enough money for retirement or to “ride out” the ups and downs of a volatile stock market. Instead, I want my clients to KNOW they have enough money to live on now and to maintain a nice lifestyle throughout their retirement years.

During some recent research, I ran across this article by Chuck Saletta of The Motley Fool, Point:  Prepare for a Scary Income Gap in Retirement. Saletta outlines the very scary gap between retirement savings and the amount you will actually need to retire – based on your generation (Baby Boom, GenX and GenY).

He explains it clearly and succinctly:  “When it comes to retirement funding, ‘hope’ is not a successful strategy.”

If you agree that hope and riding it our aren’t enough, listen to my weekly show Saturdays at 1 p.m. PST on KBRT 740 AM or listen live online. If you’d rather have some individualized office, call my office at 714-738-7811 and we can set up a meeting.




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