Investing with Risk: Is It Safe?

If you invested your money in the stock market in the last decade, you probably took a big hit when the market crashed in 2008. You probably lost between 30 and 50% of your hard-earned money with little hope of recouping your losses. How did that make you feel? Were you anticipating that kind of loss? Did your advisor warn you that such a risk was possible? Did you change your investment strategies after the crash?

My guess is that your advisor told you to ride it out, that the market will come back, maybe citing long-term stock market return statistics to soften the blow. This same advisor, however, is the one that assessed your risk with canned questions to determine your risk tolerance. After the 2008 crash, did your advisor change your investment strategies? Did he or she move you to more conservative investments with guaranteed returns with little or no risk? If not, you should consider changing advisors. Why? Because it is possible to invest your hard-earned money safely, reaping the rewards of a strong stock market while reducing or eliminating your risk. Increase retirement savings while reducing risk. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? It can be done. In fact, I do this for clients every day. It’s my specialty.

I recommend that you select an advisor who follows economic trends, knows how to invest in a bear market, offers a range of conservative investment strategies, is an expert in retirement income planning and has a fiduciary responsibility to put your best interests first always. Isn’t that what you deserve?


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