9 critical questions to ask yourself about retirement

Are you financially prepared for retirement? Ask yourself these 9 critical questions to see if you’re ready.

  1. Do you have a financial road map? Has it been thoroughly reviewed by an experienced investment advisor?
  2. Are you confident that you have the right retirement plan for your financial situation?
  3. Have you had questions about your financial decisions, investment strategies and retirement answered so that you have a good understanding of where you are now and where you want to be?
  4. Is your retirement plan designed in a way that maximizes the benefits to your loved ones (e.g., legacy planning)?
  5. Are you certain that you won’t outlive your savings in retirement?
  6. Which is more important to you – managing the risks of the market or eliminating risk altogether?
  7. How will inflation, unemployment and future tax changes affect your way of life when you retire?
  8. How much of your retirement income will you lose to taxes?
  9. Have you allocated a sufficient amount of money for emergencies and other unknowns during retirement?

If you are satisfied with your answers, we applaud your hard work and prudent planning. If you aren’t, consider reevaluating your retirement plan with a no cost, no obligation consultation with Scott Warner, a Registered Investment Advisor. With some basic information, Scott will review your retirement plan to see if it meets your needs now and into retirement. Call Life Design Financial today at 714-738-7811 to schedule a time to talk.


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