20 Ways to Waste Your Money

This was a great post by Yahoo Finance and Kiplinger.com. Click here for the full story 20 ways to waste your money.

Here are the 20 ways we waste money, sometimes without even realizing it.

1.  Buying new items instead of used, particularly cars

2.  Carrying a credit card balance

3.  Impulse purchases

4.  Paying ATM fees when using those not offered by your bank or network

5.  Dining out

6.  Using your standard checking or savings account instead of an interest-bearing account

7.  Paying up-front fees for mutual funds. Choose no load funds instead.

8.  Paying too much in taxes on your investments

9.  Opting for brand names instead of generic

10.  Wasting electricity

11.  Paying bank fees

12.  Buying things you won’t use. It isn’t a bargain if you won’t use it.

13.  Owning an extra vehicle

14.  Bypassing the dollar store. You can get some great deals if you know what to look for.

15.  Maintaining unhealthy habits like smoking

16.  Not understanding your insurance needs

17.  Withholding too much in taxes

18. Paying for something that you can get for free, like library books.

19.  Not using a flexible spending account to pay for medical expenses on a pre-tax basis

20.  Paying for services you don’t need, for example, extra cable channels

Read the full article here. Sources:  Yahoo Finance & Kiplinger.com


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