Who is Harry Dent?

Harry Dent is the founder of HS Dent, an economic research company that helps people understand economic change. Dent, one of the greatest economic gurus of our time, has successfully forecast U.S. economic trends for years. As our economy continues its downward spiral, Dent’s views are even more in demand than ever.

I have been a believer of Harry Dent and his philosophies and forecasts for many years. I participate in monthly conference calls, attend quarterly meetings and have regular discussions with a handful of similar experts across the country. And, this week, I am honored to have Rodney Johnson, president of HS Dent Publishing, visiting my office so I can learn firsthand what to expect for the remainder of this year.

If the current economy has stalled your finances, call me for a free, no obligation consultation. I’d be happy to share with you Dent’s latest predictions and tell you how you can successfully maneuver around the current economy to your benefit.

Scott K. Warner
Life Design Financial


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