What’s next? Stimulus boom and bust

First, we had the Dot Com boom and bust, followed by the real estate boom and bust, and finally, the rise and fall of the stock market. What’s next? Experts like me who follow Harry Dent’s economic predictions believe that a stimulus boom and bust in the stock market is next. While we are experiencing a very powerful bear market rally now, it will not last and when it turns around, it will fall hard. Why? Because only 35% of the money that has been in the stock market remains (the remainder has been moved to other investments like money market accounts), the current rally is very narrow and steep. Unfortunately, that means that this stimulus boom is not a sign of a recession-ending rally or the beginning of good things to come.

So where does that leave you? It depends. Are you willing to question the way we’ve always done things? Are you open to new ways of thinking? If so, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation. I’ll tell you what I anticipate is going to happen in the months and years to come and how you can plan to survive and thrive financially, despite the economy.

Scott Warner
Life Design Financial

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