Think more about your finances…

My goal for this blog and in my daily interactions with clients and others is to encourage people to think more about their finances and to not blindly follow the paths of the past that don’t and can’t work. It is very difficult to go against the traditional views of the economy and finance, but I believe that if we don’t question “how we’ve always done things,” I am part of the problem.

Instead, I want to be a resource for people to gain more education and wisdom about their financial futures without obligation. I can help them understand the best way to make sound financial decisions for themselves. I can also show them that what the big institutions and government are saying – things like “the stock market will rebound, it always does” and “real estate will come back” – will lead them down a black hole to an empty future. I want to help consumers understand economics, so they can plan smartly for their financial futures.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Warner, president
Life Design Financial

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